Tuesday, 24 December 2013

PPROM - Premature rupture of membranes raised to date (when your waters break before 37 weeks)

Total raised for various baby charities: £8033.50

We need YOUR HELP to make this double figures! 

Looking for people to do a skydive week commencing 9th to 15th October baby loss week who is in? email us little.heartbeats@mail.com any auction prizes or raffle prizes would be welcome too as cannot rely on just #donations as we have had to work hard for our money, trust us, hard work....no such thing as easy money....jumping for Tommy's PPROM project, ULCH PPROM STEM MEMBRANE PROJECT BLISS jumpers welcome too...aim is for 16 jumpers and it be either Notts or London TBC


Tommy's Team total: £8805.23 above plus:-

**** Text PROM75 £1 to 70070 ****

Tommy's and Bliss charities, who provide information and support for premature babies.

2. UCLH - Stem membrane Project = Personal£707.29 

 UCLH Team   =  £6284.99
 Total = £6992.28 goal £30k 

Article on the project, click to read Premature-birth-Stem-cell-patch-save-thousands-pregnancies-repairing-foetal-membrane.html

#Pprom #watersbreakb437wks #pregnancyproblems #miracles #preemie 

3. Raising funds for Tommy's & Bliss baby charities With Erin Sharp, Catriona link = Click to donate pprom team Bliss & Tommy's =  £106.00 

4. Bliss Click to donate to Bliss giving page

Raised to date: £125

*** Text PREM52 £1 to 70070 ***

Team page, get yourself on board, and get a giving page and help raise the money for the PPROM Awareness project, help save babies lives and feel good for raising a little and some pennies for this awesome project;- click Join today :) be part of something amazing

Shared giving pages as follows;-

Sabrina came to one of a Tommy's charity event and is now part of this team, check Sabrina's giving page out, and please join the team to of a amazing people.

Gemma Penny found us on Facebook and is now in our PPROM team you can join too.

Or you can donate direct to PPROM Awareness: by pal pay ppromawareness@gmail.com
click here to donate today: Click to donate via Pay pal to PPROM Awareness

Our recent charity event at The Dome, Buxton, 8th June 2014, The High Peak Baby and Beyond Show raised £890 lets make this double next year, do you want to sponsor us?   

Facebook link for the event 8th June 2014

We raised £125 each for Tommy's, Bliss, ULCH, Mummys Star, Little Heartbeats £25 for webpage domain, Millies Trust plus extra £240 on First Aid courses, 24 more people first aid aware!
Mums received  a healthy pregnancy booklet from TOMMYS :)
*** Lets hope we saved babies lives and got the support to the parents wanting it ****

See further links for

  • Mummy's Star https://www.justgiving.com/MummysstarBabyShowHighPeak/
          **** Text MUMS61 £1 to 70070 ***
supports mums to be through pregnancy with cancer

  • Millies Trust 

**** Text SKIL65 £1 to 70070 ***
Train and make awareness of first aid in memory of their daughter Millie

See below the various runs I have completed in, also other members of the team have also completed in the Great North Run and the Manchester 10k. 

We are not runners, we do it to raise awareness and help prevent it happening to others and to help others going through it.


I do have a place in the London Marathon 2015. So donate! 

See photos off
2012: London Marathon - 26.2 miles 
Might of been one of the slowest, but one proud mum, one with a mission to change maternity 

Siobhan (Our Rainbow daughter) using my medal as a phone.

London Marathon 2012, Reason why I lost my pace, stopped for photo he he 

London Marathon 2012, Cape with in memory of babies gone too soon 

2013: Manchester 10k

Start of Race 

After Race

2012; Great North Run  - Half Marathon - 13.1 miles 

Showing off after the Great North Run 2012 

2012: Manchester 10k 

In memory of all babies gone too soon, hoping by raising awareness.
That you do not follow in our footsteps.

Research and management plans are important especially when women suffer complications.
Knowledge is key.

Our Pprom petition page - PPROM Awareness Campaign Facebook link

PPROM stands for premature rupture of membranes. 

Sign our petition today, Click this to sign & share

Thank you 

If you are suffering with this, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Also see this patient info link Preterm premature rupture of membranes info

We would like to thank the support of these face book groups, (click on for more info);

Tiny hands for bliss

The Seventeen

Any one in the local area who has had a premature baby or a baby loss, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can refer you to places that can offer support.